Friday, September 24, 2010

When I Got Annie

I was sitting in the car driving to Colorado Springs to a house I had never been to before. I was really excited. I was going to get a new dog. It was also the breed that I wanted. So we went in to the house and then we got to meet Annie. We decided that we would take her home and she would be our dog.

When we got home Annie did not know where she was. I think that she was kind of scared because she didn't know where she was. She kind of just looked around. Then that afternoon we went and got a place that is just for her.

She is an inside dog. She is really good inside. But I really like that she does not pee in the house.

Annie is really good with people. I really like how she does with new people.

Annie always skids on the tile because she is not used to the tile underneath her paws. She is getting better but still not great. We will be playing and Annie will be running and she will slip on the tile. Her paws slip out from under her and it is like she has no control of her paws, at the time.

She was not good at stairs. She was not good at the basement stairs because the basement stairs are not carpeted. But now she is great at basement stairs.



Grandma F said...


Good story of when you got Annie. I know how happy you were that day. From all you've said about her, I can tell she is a great dog. How nice to have such a good companion.

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby;

Nice story! I remember when you were a baby that you skidded on the tiles also. It takes some getting used to. It's kind of like people when they try to walk on ice.

When I first got Buddy & Suzie they didn't know about stairs either. They were only about 8 weeks old when I got them, so it was really hard to them to climb stairs. They even had a problem climbing in and out of the litter box.

I hope I get to meet Annie some time. I love all the pictures you have of her.

Aunt Martha

cJ said...

I really like your story. Did you read it to Annie. I bet she would love it too.

I know that you and your Mom and Dad worked really hard with Annie to teach her how to do stairs. You all did a great job.

She is such a sweet dog, just like you. You did a great job on your story


Kathleen said...

Hi Abby,

Great story about Annie and what happen when she came to live at your house. Annie coat is a beautiful color and her eyes are so large and bright. Thank you for sharing your story about Annie.

Mrs. Burgess

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,

I liked your story about how Annie has adapted to moving to a new place and how happy she is with you and everyone.

She certainly looks happy in all the pictures.

Aunt Wendy

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet her over fall break!!!! We are going to have so much fun:)