Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CSAP Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m taking the CSAP. I’m worried about taking the CSAP because I’m worried about what the CSAP booklet looks like, I’m worried about going outside the lines, and I’m worried I won’t stop when it tells me to. Ms. Marci and Ms. Elisha tell me I just have to do my best.

[Editor's Notes: 1) Mom and Dad did not prompt this, 2) Marci and Elisha have done a nice job about downplaying the test and not putting pressure on the students, 3) Mom and Dad have been downplaying the test since Abby started worrying about it in 2nd grade, saying the same thing - just do your best like you would at anything else, it's not a big deal.]

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Abby!

Please don't worry about the CSAP. You are going to do just fine. Remember, Ms. Elisha and I are not worried at all. We will show you how not to go outside the lines, and there is a big STOP sign right in the book so you will know when to stop.

Thanks Jill and Karl for the editor's note...

Ms. Marci