Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Webkinz

This is a story I wrote at school and the title is: My Webkinz, by Abby F.

Chapter 1
Jack meets me. I bought Jack because my friend Sabrina got me into Webkinz. Jack is my dog black lab.

Chapter 2
Jack meets Baby. Jack was lonely so I bought Baby so Jack wouldn’t be lonely. Baby is a bear.

Chapter 3
Jack and Baby meet Austin. I have three Webkinz because I got Austin for Christmas. I love Austin. Austin is a good dog.

Chapter 4
Jack, Baby and Austin meet Cody. I got Cody from Kentucky. I love my Webkinz Cody.

Chapter 5
Jack, Baby, Austin and Cody meet Zach. Zach is really special. He is broken on his leg but my Grandma S. is going to fix him. Zach is a yellow lab. Zach’s going to get surgery where he is broken.

Chapter 6
Jack, Baby, Austin, Cody, Zach meet Charlie. Charlie is a cocker spaniel.

The End.


mrsdurff said...

Webkinz are even popular with the middle school and high school learners at my school!

Anonymous said...

hi! i love webkinz and im in fifth grade! webkinz rocks! (: