Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lexington Trip December 2008

I just went to Kentucky over Winter Break. I saw my Grandma, my Grandpa, my Uncle John, my Aunt Wendy and my Aunt Martha. We had to take two planes to get to Kentucky’s Bluegrass Airport. We checked into the hotel at midnight on Christmas Eve. It was really fun.

On Christmas day I got to open lots of presents. Here are some of the presents I got: a turtle Webkinz, a dolphin Webkinz, and a manatee Webkinz. The turtle’s name is Timothy, the manatee is named Mitch, and the dolphin is Tricks.

Before we went to Kentucky I also got a Mario Kart for my Wii. In Kentucky I visited Sitara. We went out to dinner at bd’s Mongolian Grill. We actually got to see them grill the food we picked out. After we went to bd’s Mongolian Grill we went to see the Christmas lights at the Horse Park. I also got to go over to Sitara’s house for a playdate. We played Webkinz and we had “silly time” and we went in Sitara’s tunnel that she had.

At my grandparent’s house I did these really fun puzzle books with my Grandma and I played cribbage with my Grandpa. I played Webkinz with my Aunt Martha, and with my Uncle John and Aunt Wendy I played Skip-Bo. I learned new games. Sitara taught me how to play Crazy Eights. My Aunt Martha taught me how to play Solitaire. My Uncle John taught me how to play 21. On our last full day there we went to see Dianne, Mark and Zack. Zack and I played Life and ate popcorn.

I am going to have a baby cousin in February. Her name is Mara. Her parents are Uncle John and Aunt Wendy. Thank you for reading this blog post and looking at my slide show. Happy New Year! Thanks again.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

That was a good blog and described your trip to Kentucky very well.

I keep saying every year that I want to go see the Christmas lights at the Horse Park, but I have not gotten there yet. Maybe next year.

I love playing on the Webkinz site. Since you got me Cody the grey & white cat last year, I have gotten lots more--of course you know all of them now--Tigger the Tiger, Corky the Retriever, Cookie the Koala, Ashley the Persian, and the Little White Mouse and Black & White Cat which I haven't named yet.

I liked the slide show. Maybe when Mara is born, you can post some pictures of her.

Aunt Martha

The Dukes said...

Kentucky Christmases are the best. So are new baby cousins! I have had a lot of both...